Varun Tej – Srinuvaitla’s film launch date fixed

Varun Tej is going to act under the direction of Srinuvaitla.The movie’s launch date is now fixed for April 27th.He is working for the first time with Srinuvaitla.Actually,he is supposed to work with Krish for the film “Rayabari” but unfortunately due to some technical issues,that film got postponed and now he is coming up with this film.

Varun Tej has gained a Good following among the audience until ┬ánow with his films as he is doing the films with unique subjects each time rather than repeating the regular commercial formula.Even his 2nd film “Kanche” was awarded Best Regional movie in 63rd National Awards.All his films until now earned him Good name despite the film’s Box office result.

Coming to Srinuvaitla,he is facing series of flops at Box office as he always repeating the same formula in all his last released films which ultimately made those to rejected by the audience.It was a high time that he should get out of his regular formula and must try something new which can win the hearts of the audience.Let us hope that he will be Back to form with this film.

Finally,let us wait for the more details about the movie soon.

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