what is minimum guarantee amount collected by Sardaar Gabbar singh ?

Sardaar Gabbar Singh starring Pawan Kalyan was directed by Bobby.The movie is one of the most awaited films after the super success of its first part.The movie is planned for release in April.

so now what would be minimum amount collected by Sardaar Gabbar Singh?

The minimum amount collected by Sardaar Gabbar Singh would be 50crores for sure.

1.The reasons behind that are the craze of pawankalyan is at peaks now.

2.The movie is sequel to Gabbar Singh (i.e even though stories are different the movie has some impact of its first part).

3.Day by day as due to release in record number of theatres and hiked prices,the movie itself collects 30-35 crores in first 3days irrespective of the talk.

4.There will be repeated audience i.e fans will watch repeated as Pawan Kalyan style and mannerism will excite them big time which we already seen in the trailer.

5. A sample example to describe the movies craze is the recent teaser of Sardaar i.e the sardaar teaser is the most liked teaser. (even though there is nothing in it i.e earlier a similar teaser was released but still it scores a record).

so considering all factors Sardaar Gabbar Singh is minimum guarantee 50crores film.Whether the movie collects even more or not is depends on the talk of the film.



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