Without Hard work you won’t succeed even if you have Background – Chiranjeevi

Chiranjeevi is the chief guest of Allu Arjun’s “Sarrainodu” Audio function yesterday.Speaking on the occasion of Audio launch event,he said that he recommended Allu Arjun for the film “Gangotri” to Raghavendra Rao as he find some passion towards the films in Allu Arjun and even claimed that he only can provide his reference to his family members but rest all depends upon the Hard Work you put in your work and those work hard will always get success.He also said that Allu Arjun is doing a Good Hard Work which has earned him this name and achieved this position.

Thus,Chiranjeevi said that anyone who comes from his family can enter into films but sustaining in that field is completely depends upon the Hard work done by them .It was really true that without Hard work one cannot succeed in any field even though they might have references or Background,all they need to do is Work Hard and then only they can get success.

Allu Arjun even thanked Chiranjeevi for providing them a platform by his Hard Work which helped them as a reference to get into the films.

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